Our Bridge-It Builders

We can’t do this alone!
Bridge It partners with like-minded organisations to make the magic happen.
Wonder what it takes to start a not-for-profit? Answer: a lot.
Here’s our gratitude list of organisations and people who’ve helped us.


Housing All Australians

South Port Community Housing Group
Star Health


Alfred Felton Bequest
Antiodean Endowment Fund
BeBlueRock Foundation
Benjamin Duncan Foundation
Betty & John Laidlaw Legacy
Brian and Virginia McNamee Foundation
Brian M Davis Foundation
Capricorn Foundation
Dorman Foundation
Duggan Foundation
Equity Trustees
Grant Foundation
Harris Capital
Igniting Change
Jack Brockhoff Foundation
LL Group Holdings
Mamoma Foundation
Mercy Foundation
Merry People
Modara Pines Charitable Foundation
Mutual Trust
Payton Foundation
P&S Bassat Foundation
Pressroom Partners
River Capital
Roebuck Foundation
Social Garden
Sisters of Charity
Spotlight Foundation
TANK Foundation
The Funding Network
Tutus McDonagh Foundation
UGH Foundation
Vasudhara Foundation
Virgin Unite


City of Port Phillip
Victoria State Government