Our Supporters

Igniting Change

Igniting Change has backed Bridge It from day one. They helped us grow into ourselves and start realising our vision. The Igniting Change family has supported us with practical and financial support, shared connections and by believing in us. What we love about Igniting Change is their commitment to seeing the person not the label, their fierce refusal to accept the unacceptable, and shared commitment to making our world a better place.

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Payton Foundation

The Payton Foundation has been on the journey with Bridge It from the start. Since 2020, they supported Home Share Melbourne (Now Bridge It Homes Connect). They were the first to commit funding to Bridge It, causing a domino effect of support. We really value their approach of partnering with charities, providing ongoing financial support, coaching and create pathways for us to connect with more supporters. The team are truly committed to empowering vulnerable people to transform their lives.

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Other Supporters

We are also generously supported by Brian & Virginia McNamee Foundation, Mutual Trust, River Capital, Spotlight Foundation, L and B Group, UHG Foundation, StreetSmart, Duggan Foundation, Dorman Foundation and Mamoma Foundation.