Our Impact

Since its inception, Bridge It’s supported 20 people to exit homelessness and find safe and affordable homes.

  • The Cocoon offered 6 people a home and a community.
  • The Sanctuary became a home for 7 people.
  • Homeless to Home found 5 people safe housing during COVID-19, giving them the freedom to focus on life goals.
  • The Outreach Program supported 2 young people into donated student accommodation.

In 2021, we ran over 60 group activities, including:

  • knitting
  • gardening
  • craft
  • music
  • cooking
  • walking
  • coffee
  • movie nights
  • games nights
  • & more

Many connections and friendships blossomed.

5 people found work.

2 people re-engaged in education.

1 person got engaged.

1 person started a band.

19 of the 20 people we exited from homelessness have maintained their housing to date.

“It’s definitely a lot safer here. Everything is locked up, and we have our rooms. We’re safe with the people who come in and out; it’s not random people all the time. And the workers make time for us; we have support here when we need it.”
“I turn 21 soon and would have lost my support. But I can stay here. The workers here are some of the best I’ve encountered, so it’s been a good living situation, knowing I’m not alone.”