The Bridge

Our bridge creates homes and transforms lives.
Our Mission

To end youth homelessness by providing homes, community and support so young people can lead independent lives.

Our Micro Vision

There’s a Cocoon in every suburb and outreach services for all who need them.

Our Macro Vision

We inspire new ways of thinking so homelessness support is life-changing and long-lasting.

Our Mega Vision

We play a role in ending youth homelessness in Australia.

“Living on the streets is horrible, and I don’t want to go through that again. Every birthday, I was so confused. At 16, I’m like, how am I still alive?”


Our Values

Community is critical.

To thrive, we need others. We crave connection and belonging. Bridge It creates a community by offering a safe, stable environment so people can open up to new friendships.

Young people are the experts in their own lives.

Young people know how they feel and what they’ve been through and are the ones who can say what they need. We trust them, we facilitate help, and we walk alongside them.

A home is a human need.

Everyone needs a safe space that offers stability and serenity; without it, we can’t thrive in other areas of life.

Everyone has worth and value.

Use an approach that makes people feel good. We can support and motivate people by focusing on what they can do rather than what they can’t.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Let’s get ahead of homelessness.

Let’s provide the support that prevents young people from experiencing homelessness in the first place.

Let’s focus on evolving to meet our young people’s needs and develop a sustainable and successful system.

Welcome to Bridge It.