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Our team put their hearts and souls into helping young people.

But, without the dollars, we can’t do what we do.

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Our Wish List

$150 Art therapy
$120 Animal-assisted therapy
$100 Birthday celebrations
$150 Cuisine nights
$250 Farm placement
$150 Gym group
$25 Massage
$150 Meal planning & cooking group
$150 Meditation group
$50 Movie nights
$150 Music therapy
$400 Zoo / Other Trips

Hell, yeah, I’ll help people find their way home.

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$70 Gift a young person a safe night in The Cocoon
Gift a doona for a young person to sleep under
Gift them a kettle, toaster & kitchenware
Gift them life skills mentoring
Gift a young person home for a whole week
Gift 10 young people a wellness treatment